Our commitment to fairness and transparency

Integrity, respect and fairness – these are the ethical principles that guide our actions as a company worldwide and help shape the business policies of the Wilo Group. Our understanding of them is based on a common system of principles and values that apply across the various cultures within our global company: the Wilo Code of Conduct. We use this central tool to strengthen the loyalty of our staff. It also serves as a basis for all of our business activities.


The Wilo Business Keeper Monitoring System (BKMS)

In our company, we greatly value open communication and transparent and lawful business processes. For this reason, we appreciate all reports of violations against laws, rules and policies, including our Code of Conduct. Tips can be provided not just internally but also anonymously via the internet-based Wilo Business Keeper Monitoring System – Wilo BKMS® for short.
> Wilo BKMS®

For more information, please contact our Compliance Office:

Wilo Compliance Office

Nortkirchenstraße 100
D-44263 Dortmund (Germany)
T +49 231 4102-6161