2017/03/15 Corporate News

Universal submersible pump for commercial sewage disposal

Wilo-Rexa UNI

Dortmund/Frankfurt. High reliability, easy handling during installation and maintenance and optimal efficiency. This is all combined in the Wilo-Rexa UNI submersible pump - the entry-level model from the Dortmund-based pump manufacturer, for commercial sector sewage disposal. Wilo is presenting the pump to the public for the first time at the world's leading trade fair, ISH.

“With the Wilo-Rexa UNI we have refined our tried and tested portfolio of submersible sewage pumps with consistency and in accordance with customer requirements”, explains Wilo Product Manager Olivier Armbruster. The new model supersedes the Wilo-Drain TP50/65. “It is particularly suitable for sewage disposal in smaller commercially used buildings.”

Flexible features make the Wilo-Rexa UNI a submersible pump with practically universal application: “It is portable for a wide range of applications or can be deployed in a pump chamber as a Wilo system solution. Installation is simple because of its light weight,” explains Armbruster. “The installation is simplified by the integration of the capacitor in the single-phase motor and the integrated mounting options in the flange.” For the first time, there is also a way of fixing the pump to the DN50 and DN65 V06 combination flange and the DN50 V05 flange.

Maintenance intervals significantly extended

The new vortex hydraulics with corrosion-resistant composite and a smooth surface, provide high reliability and allow the pump to be used universally with various fluids as well: “The vortex hydraulics also provide optimum efficiency,” adds the Wilo product manager. Maintenance work can be carried out more conveniently because of direct access to the most important components. Wilo-Rexa UNI has been fitted with a double seal, allowing for a larger oil chamber capacity. The oil is controlled by a seal on the side of the housing. The result of these developments is that maintenance intervals can be significantly extended. Maintenance work within the pump housing can be carried out with easier access via the baseplate, which means considerable time and cost savings when compared to conventional submersible sewage pumps.

Integration into the modern building management system
Wilo-Rexa UNI can be controlled via Wilo-Control switchgears and integrated into existing building management systems. With the Wilo-Rexa UNI, the Dortmund-based company again proves its innovative leadership and underscores its system expertise by integrating single pumps, pump chambers and controls into higher-level systems.