2017/03/15 Corporate News

Wilo brings new generation of tried and tested heating pump to the market

Wilo-Yonos PICO

Dortmund/Frankfurt. With perfect timing at the world’s leading trade fair - ISH 2017 - Wilo is bringing the new generation of the Wilo-Yonos PICO series to the market. A range of new features has been added to this renowned circulator for residential buildings and in so doing, underpins the Dortmund manufacturer’s claim of ‘bringing the future’ to Frankfurt.
“With this new version, we have succeeded in not only upgrading one of the most established products in the market, but also to an extent, we have been able to reinvent it thanks to new functionality and ease of use,” explains Giovanna Loi Le Carreres, Product Manager for Wilo.
“Energy performance plays a major role of course, and many successful existing features have been kept. As in the previous version, the outstanding Wilo ECM technology performance is combined with a precise setting of 0.1m”, explains the product manager. “In addition, energy consumption can be monitored continuously on the LED display.”

New Green Button Technology
In addition to energy performance, ease of use also plays a major role: “The Yonos range already enjoys exceptional popularity for its easy installation and setting, as well as for maintenance,” adds Giovanna Loi le Carreres. “The new features reinforce these traditional qualities. Thanks to the Green Button Technology and to the use of symbols, it is simple for the customer to set the pump. A push button has been added to separate the setting operation and the functions activation.

Compact design
Together with the new functions, the compactness of Wilo-Yonos PICO has been dramatically improved to make it easy to install and use in any application. Front access to motor screws and the Wilo connector position, contribute to the adaptability of the pump in any installation.  New ease of use functions make maintenance far easier for the installer.
“For example, manual restart is a response to a specific request from the market,” explains Giovanna Loi le Carreres, “as is the new constant speed mode.”