2017/09/06 Corporate News

Wilo supports a strong Europe

The Dortmund-based global market leader is joining the economic initiative #We4Europe

Dortmund. “We4Europe” is the slogan of an initiative from the German economy, which the Wilo Group has now joined. Looking at the current shifts in geo-political relationships and the rise of right-wing populist and protectionist activity, a group of renowned German companies and institutes has decided to speak up against these tendencies with a common voice. “A strong Europe stands for freedom, diversity and democracy as well as free trade in a globalised world that is becoming ever more complex”, says Oliver Hermes, Wilo CEO. He is convinced that a unified Europe, acting decisively, can be a stabilising factor for overcoming the current global challenges. “As a European public company (SE), it is especially in the interests of Wilo to contribute to both the economic and political balance in Europe”, said the 46‑year old, explaining the motivation for supporting the initiative. In addition to renowned companies such as innogy, Deutsche Telekom, RWE or Lufthansa, other renowned institutions including the Association of German Banks are also supporting the economic initiative. 

European values form the bedrock of Wilo corporate culture
“Companies and millions of employees in Europe have profited for half a century from peace, freedom and economic co-operation. The is the foundation of our economic prosperity and quality of life. And this foundation must not be put at risk. Therefore we, as an internationally operating company, are making this joint commitment — to an open, unified and strong Europe.” This declaration was made public on the 5th of May this year by the “We4Europe” initiative, the same day the Council of Europe was founded in 1949. “The successes generated in the ripe European markets are the basis for financing of our worldwide investments. They form the foundation of our growth, even in the emerging markets”, says Oliver Hermes — putting into perspective the economic relevance of Europe’s shared and strong positioning for the Wilo Group — and adds: “At the end of the day, the prosperity of our employees and their families is directly related to our European activities, despite the global orientation of our company strategy.

Dialogue for a strong Europe
You can follow, share and comment on the initiative’s activities on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the #We4Europe hashtag. “We are determined to take an active part in the discourse about the path we, as Europeans, take in the future”, assures Oliver Hermes, and stresses that the German-French relationship in particular will have an important role to play in sustaining European stability and creating future prospects for this eminent continent. The “We4Europe” initiative, which is growing in popularity, has started down the path to making a substantial contribution to a continued strong and unified Europe.