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The Wilo claim

Pioneering for You

Our claim, "Pioneering for You", is short and to the point. In just three words, it explains what has driven us and our business, our thoughts and our actions since the company's founding.

As one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers in the industry, "Pioneering for You" symbolises our aspiration to continuously improve our technical knowledge and competence in order to further cement our status as an innovation and technology leader.

"Pioneering for You" is our direct promise to our customers and partners to maintain a continuous focus on practical applications and to confront new challenges every day. After all, it is our customers' needs and desires that form the basis for our actions and our products.

Our goal is your efficiency


Our claim "Pioneering for You" reflects our high standard for making our products for you and your customers ever smaller, more economical, more intelligent, quieter, more durable and simpler. Find out what lies behind it.



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