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Potential and prospects

Megatrends describe changes that will have a considerable, long-lasting impact on global society, economy, ecology and technology. Six of these trends are particularly pertinent to Wilo – and they are globalisation, urbanisation, energy shortages, water shortages, climate change and techno­logical progress.

Aperiod of fundamental change is afoot across the globe. Globalisation is proceeding apace, and in the near future emerging economies will begin to overtake indus­tria­lised nations in terms of economic performance. This goes hand in hand with ­dramatic growth of the global middle ­classes along with their purchasing power, which will result in increasingly fierce ­competition for raw materials and resources.

At the same time, the trend towards urbanisation is continuing unabated. The rise in conurbations is presenting planners with a number of complex issues that can be resolved in a satisfactory manner only using innovative solutions. Water supply is thus becoming one of the biggest challenges for our future. Not only private households but also industry and agriculture are requiring increasing amounts of fresh water. And yet this resource, which is critical for our survival, is in limited supply, and efficient use of it is therefore essential.

Alongside water shortages, our available reser­ves of energy are becoming an increas­ingly important topic for discussion, parti­cu­larly in view of climate change. These processes of change are a source of considerable potential for Wilo. The need to invest will become greater and pressure to modernise will grow – as only those companies that utilise efficient technologies and leverage the opportunities presented by technolo­gical progress will hold their own against the competition in the years to come.

Globalisation calls for intelligent solutions.

More networked, more complex, more competitive – the global economy is changing. Markets are becoming more volatile, and balances of power are shifting. We are responding to these developments by expanding our global presence and increasing our flexibility.

Urbanisation makes water demand explode by 104 billion m3 from 2025.

Increasing in size and number – our growing cities will account for a large share of our energy and water consumption. We have responded to this development with highly efficient products and by aligning ourselves as a full-service provider.

Water Shortages deny access to potable water  for 780 million people.

Water consumption is rising, and yet freshwater resources are in limited supply and the need to use them responsibly is critical for our survival. Wilo has a long tradition of moving water efficiently. We develop innovative solutions that allow water to be produced sustainably, stored and made available to people.

Energy Shortages demand for highly efficient  water transport.

Energy demands are rising, yet fossil fuel reserves are finite. The energy mix is changing in favour of fluctuating forms of energy such as wind, water and solar. Wilo therefore places an emphasis on energy-efficient products, intelligent grids and renewable energies.

Climate Change is influenced by  CO2 emissions.

Global CO2 emissions are continuing to rise – as are global temperatures. Wilo would like to use its innovative, energy-efficient products to help stop or at least mitigate the effects of this trend.

Technological Progress can avoid 3.5 million people  suffering from bad water

Digitalisation is continuing at a rapid pace. This trend presents brand new function and application possibilities. Wilo is constantly creating new product innovations and at the same time is developing intelligent systems and the highly specialised electronics and software that they require.