2017/03/15 Corporate News

Maximum compatibility in the market thanks to new Sync function

Wilo-Varios PICO

Dortmund/Frankfurt. A replacement pump for almost all fields of application in the heating, cooling and air-conditioning sector? That may sound like a vision of the future, but it’s exactly what is being presented to the public by Wilo as part of this year’s ISH in Frankfurt. The Wilo-Varios PICO pump stands out in the market for its maximum compatibility and is the ideal solution for replacing older pump models. Importantly, the Wilo-Varios PICO is equally suitable for replacing stand-alone pumps or for replacing integrated pumps in a heating system.

The Wilo-Varios PICO is especially user-friendly thanks primarily to the combination of standard and external control modes but also for its maintenance routines such as air venting and manual re-start.
“It is clearly the most convenient solution in the marketplace for replacement business,” says Giovanna Loi le Carreres, Wilo’s Product Manager. “Alongside its simplicity in installation and maintenance, it provides the manual restart facility desired by our customers.”
But the true innovation that comes with the new Wilo-Varios PICIO is the re-programming potential of the Sync function, which allows the new pump to replicate the hydraulic performance of the pump being replaced.

The enormous versatility of the Wilo-Varios PICO is further supported by Green-Button-Technology. It provides the highest degree of operating convenience both during installation and during operation. The customer has a clear overview of the parameters necessary for installation via a modern LED display. Two push buttons - one for the control mode and one for pre-set pump curves - enable smart set-up of the pump in line with the existing conditions.

Compact design and well thought out features
“The Varios PICO has in its class one of the most compact constructions and with the ‘Dual Electrical Connection System’ additional adjustable electrical connections,” tells Giovanna loi le Carreres. “These features support the broad range of applications of this replacement pump.”

Customer requirements consistently realised
“With this model, we are meeting the customers’ requirements of an almost universally applicable replacement pump which can adapt to all environmental parameters,” explains the Wilo product manager. “From speaking to our customers, it was clear that they were looking for a universally applicable replacement pump, which inspired Wilo to develop this new model.” The Dortmund-based pump manufacturer has responded to market research. With the Wilo-Varios PICO, now installers will always have the right solution to hand, regardless of whether they are working on a built-in or stand-alone pump system. This makes it the most versatile replacement pump on the market.