2017/03/15 Corporate News

The new generation of service


Dortmund. Digitalisation, Industry 4.0 and augmented reality – the issues dealt with are growing in relevance in our daily lives and are set to make it a whole lot easier. What steps need to be taken next for installing a pump? Is maintenance being carried out properly? The Dortmund-based pump manufacturer Wilo would like to provide answers to these kinds of questions in future within the shortest amount of time possible – with WiloGlasses and support through ‘augmented reality’.

‘Augmented reality’ is a computer-assisted representation which broadens our reality with digital aspects. This is in contrast to ‘virtual reality’, in which the user is fully submerged in a virtual world. Augmented reality is one of the leading technologies of digitalisation.

“We see a great opportunity for customer service here, to offer our support even more quickly and efficiently in the future”, says Niko Kösling, Service Portfolio Manager at Wilo. “We will be presenting our application study for ‘WiloGlasses’ at the ISH. In future, we would like to use the new technology to transfer our expert knowledge to our customers all over the world even more quickly, easily and, above all, cheaply, than is possible currently.”

Nowadays, pumps and pump systems can be, to some extent, inadequately installed, commissioned or serviced. Data glasses could offer digital support here: “The built-in display lets the wearer see a virtual world superimposed on the real world – the augmented reality. Virtual hands and symbols would, for instance, indicate the correct way to install a pump, or display different steps for correct maintenance and repair. If the action is carried out correctly, the hand lights up green, or if incorrectly it lights up red,” elaborates Kösling. “There is a growing challenge to optimally train personnel in a shorter time period. We want to accelerate the process with WiloGlasses.”

The focus here is largely on commercial operators which use their own technicians for maintenance work or which cannot be reached within a short period of time by service technicians, because of their geographical location. This is crucial when dealing with highly sophisticated pumps and pump systems. A comprehensive customer survey has shown that the digitalisation of communication and work processes has been playing an ever greater role in our daily working lives – and it’s no different in this industry. So Wilo would like to provide a solution that is entirely based on the needs of the customer: “We’re confident the customer will be delighted by the performance of our products for their process requirements,” says Peter Glauner, Senior Vice President of Group Service at Wilo. “To optimise our customer service even further, we have taken a closer look at the process involved from the customer's perspective and refined it perfectly.”